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Hupernike Family Services LLC exists to support the community through the compassion, acceptance, and wisdom displayed through Jesus' work on earth. Hupernike provides:   1) Non-Professional Counseling, 2) group therapy, 3) pastoral care, and 4) mentoring.  If you are seeking psychiatric, psychological or medical help, Hupernike may suggest options, but for professional care, you must go elsewhere.

Hupernike is founded upon Christian and biblical principles, yet does not push religion on anyone.  Most services are provided through voluntary donations only, and are available to anyone regardless of ethnic background, religious, sexual or political preference, or ability to make a donation.  Hupernike services will reflect the love, mercy and healing power of Christ.  Formal counseling will adhere to the Code of Ethics set forth in Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 833, Division 60.


This is what we do, counseling is how we do it


Everybody needs Counseling?

Featured Teaching
November 11, 2008

Is God Efficient?

Is God efficient? Is God concerned with getting the most Bang for His Buck? Can we even evaluate His best, from our viewpoint? If I can discover a ‘best’ way to do things, God should be able to do so even better...


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