Why Fasting?

One thing that is so great about God is that He never asks us to do something without providing the tools to get the job done. That’s called Grace. But when we don’t realize this, we just keep believing that it's impossible, and our experiences always proves us right. One of these tools necessary to get the job done is Fasting.

Sometimes God asks us to do things that seem pointless at the time, but if we obey we find that we earned valuable skills that are vital later. I believe that Fasting is one of those things. What possible good is it going to do to skip a few meals? More than you can imagine…

“The lusts of our flesh”, as in Ephesians 2:3, refer not only to sexual distraction, but to all the ‘pressures of the flesh’, all areas that exert Pressure on us through our Flesh. It is this Pressure that pushes us, directs us; it controls us.

What things in your life Pressure you?

This becomes a problem when God calls in one direction, and the Pressure pushes in another. Which is going to win? If you consistently give in to the Pressure in a certain area, then you can’t obey God. If you can’t say “NO” to these Pressures, then you must obey them. This makes you a Slave to them, and this is Addiction. You may be Pressured by pornography; for me it’s chocolate. But in each case, when God calls contrary to that Pressure, neither of us obey.

Your Addiction is no worse or better than mine. For there are not many different temptations, there’s really only one; it is to obey the selfish internal voice, not God’s. Temptations may look different, but the goal is always the same, to force us to submit to the selfish desires of our own bodies. When your body calls, do you obey?

Victory is when there are NO areas of temptation to which we are a Slave.

How does Fasting help?

  1. We begin to distrust the voice of our Flesh
    When I know that short-term fasting is good for my body, yet my body is screaming “YOU’RE KILLING ME”, I begin to wonder if it’s telling me the truth. And if it’s not telling me the truth about this, maybe all those other things it’s been saying all my life are not true either…
  2. We better identify with others’ Temptations
    I don’t struggle with (…), but I wonder if that is as hard for them, as this is for me..?
  3. We learn skills in this area and apply them everywhere
    It’s easy to talk about the lustful thought I just had about a Big Mac; it’s also easier for my wife to listen to. Food may not actually be a big issue for me, but when I learn to overcome this, I have tools that work in any area. For all temptations work the same way. Once we learn how our bodies respond to Pressure, we can have Victory.
  4. There are countless spiritual benefits
    Have you read what the Bible teaches about “when you fast...?
  5. There are many physical benefits
    We are the only mammal who fights against seasonal produce cycles by trying to eat the same type and amount of foods year-round. We’re also the only one with cancer of the…

I strongly encourage EVERYONE to experience Victory through seasons of Fasting. You will be amazed how different the world looks on the fourth day of no calories. God provided Fasting as a powerful weapon against the Pressure of our Flesh; He maybe just didn’t spell that out clear enough…

"When you Fast..." Matthew 6:16

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