... equipping a generation for Victory in Christ


To supply with necessities such as tools or provisions. To furnish with the qualities necessary for success.

To be ill-equipped is to be sent out to a task that you are incapable of fulfilling. This is NOT how God intends His Church. He has provided gifts and wisdom that enable us to succeed at our tasks.

Those with tools have a requirement to train up others in their areas of expertise.

Let us be good stewards of God’s Gifts, and be found “Good and Faithful Servants” on that day.


Generation could have many meanings in our language. We don’t mean a certain age, or group, but…

A generation is:
the entire body of individuals born and living at about the same time, having similar ideas, problems, and attitudes

Who needs Victory?


Two which generation can you share your gifts?



This is a capital victory, signifying that it is a proper noun, and not just your average, ordinary victory. In our own strength we can beat many temptations, but that’s not Victory.

Victory is an element of the Kingdom of God, and once you have it you are empowered to release others in like manner.

If we lose weight though sheer willpower, that is mere victory. How can you pass it on to others? You just tell them, “I did it, what’s wrong with you?”

What we need is the Victory, that comes from above, which always grows and multiplies not just freeing us, but those around us…

...In Christ…

We’ve all heard, “Where two or more.... there I am”. But we often forget the middle part. It says, “in My Name.” When two or more of us get together in an alley to sell drugs, is Jesus there? What does gathering in His Name mean?

His Name, encompasses His Substance, Nature, and Mission. He came as Christ Messiah, the Savior. Imbedded in His Name is God’s Plan from Eternity past to step in to Save us from the mess we go into. His Plan, to not even spare His own Son, to Save us.

It is when we gather with our hearts and minds in agreement with God’s Salvation plan, seeing others as God sees us, that He is there among us and we are More than Victorious!