What is Hupernike?

God has a vision that everyone would realize how great His Son really is. Many of us do not really understand this, nor what happened when He came to Live inside of us. So we walk around frustrated with what we have, and a poor RE-presentation of Jesus to the world. We pray that HUPERNIKE can be used by God to help solidify this revelation to His People.

If Who is in me is greater than who is coming against me, why am I being defeated? By God's Grace, Christians everywhere can come to the understanding of “Christ in YOU the Hope of Glory!”

The message of HUPERNIKE is thoroughly Biblical and Christ-centered. It is based upon the book to the Romans, and specifically, verse 8:37: "Yet in all things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." I don’t think that Paul could pen “more than conquerors” (hupernike), unless through Christ, he conquered some substantial things in his life. What did he have that we don't?

The message of Victorious Christian Living is not new. It has been taught, preached, and lived by many throughout the years. HUPERNIKE is committed to addressing the often huge gap between these ‘great men of faith’ and those of us in the pew.

HUPERNIKE's mission is twofold:

  • To walk with people toward Victory, in and around them
  • To connect people in ways that spreads and multiplies that Victory

Who is Hupernike?

We are a Christian couple with three energetic children living in Salem, Oregon. We have teaching and preaching experience, and are committed to authentic Discipleship. God has given us ‘heartburn’ to see Christians actively using all that was provided them at the Cross.

Our intent is never to charge those who are in need of some Good News, therefore, most services are free. Those who find the ministry effective are invited to donate toward future expenses, toward keeping the service freely available to others.

Please let us know how we can use our gifts to help you use yours. For we are promised Life, the Victorious Christian Life!

Roland and Christine Hildebrant

Contact: hupernike@hotmail.com

Featured Teaching
November 11, 2008

Is God Efficient?

Is God efficient? Is God concerned with getting the most Bang for His Buck? Can we even evaluate His best, from our viewpoint? If I can discover a ‘best’ way to do things, God should be able to do so even better...


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