What is Hupernike?

Hupernike is the Greek word found in Romans 8:37, usually translated as being “more than a conqueror”. We are familiar with the Nike™ brand which uses the Greek word for "victor" or "victory", we are reminded of the Olympic games of ancient Greece, and those who conquered. Hupernike is above and beyond victory, literally hyper-nike.

Do you know of anyone who is victorious? Who has conquered? Who has faced great odds and won? What about Lance Armstrong, Mother Teresa, or Martin Luther King Jr? They are nikes. In Christ you are more than that…above and beyond that…you are hupernike.

That’s the Truth.

What do we do when our experience does not match up with the Truth? What do we do when the facts contradict the Truth? What if we are being beaten up and down?

If God has promised we would have Victory, we can be sure that He has also provided it. This site is dedicated to helping all of us discover the Victory God provided in Jesus, and how to work it out to our fingertips, as the reality of everyday experience.

We are a community of teachers, pastors, counselors, and parents walking together toward Victory; Victory in our personal, interpersonal, and professional lives. What we offer is a safe environment where you too can achieve more than... This is offered through non-judgmental and empowering relationship.


Walking Together toward Victory

Victory comes in stages...

Too often we only see Victory as the end result of years of hard work. That is unfortunate, for Victory is substantially achieved with the initial intention of the heart. (adapted from Mike Bickle's study on Song of Songs, www.fotb.com) For more, see Victory.

What we need to remember is that before we gain Victory over something, we first have to decide to fight it, and it is from that initial internal decision that the process of Victory begins. How many people (thinking of everyone currently on the planet) are in the same place as you, they do not want to be that way, or do that thing, any more? Not very many... Most are either blissfully unaware that there is anything wrong, or spend most of their time and energy defending themselves with rationale that convinces them that there is nothing wrong with it anyway, ("I don't struggle with that; I can do it whenever I want!"). Therefore, when you decide to stop, you have already stepped out of the crowd.

Stages of Victory

  1. Initial Victory -Wanting to stop (with little or no success)
  2. Partial Victory -Trying to stop (yet mostly unsuccessful)
  3. Partial Victory -Trying to stop (now mostly successful)
  4. Total Victory -Stopped (no longer even tempted)

The major benefit of viewing Victory as this step-by-step process, is that Hope and Success CAN be felt at any step of the way! You don't have to wait until the end of your diet in order to feel good about yourself and what you are accomplishing! More..


What Hupernike is, and is not...

Hupernike Family Services LLC exists to support the community through the compassion, acceptance, and wisdom displayed through Jesus' work on earth. Hupernike provides:   1) Non-Professional Counseling, 2) group therapy, 3) pastoral care, and 4) mentoring.  If you are seeking psychiatric, psychological or medical help, Hupernike may suggest options, but for professional care, you must go elsewhere.

Hupernike is founded upon Christian and biblical principles, yet does not push religion on anyone.  Most services are provided through voluntary donations only, and are available to anyone regardless of ethnic background, religious, sexual or political preference, or ability to make a donation.  Hupernike services will reflect the love, mercy and healing power of Christ.  Formal counseling will adhere to the Code of Ethics set forth in Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 833, Division 60.


What do we do?

Featured Teaching
November 11, 2008

Is God Efficient?

Is God efficient? Is God concerned with getting the most Bang for His Buck? Can we even evaluate His best, from our viewpoint? If I can discover a ‘best’ way to do things, God should be able to do so even better...


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